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Fisika-pak-ipung Blog Which religions have been most influenced by Buddhism?

Which religions have been most influenced by Buddhism?

Buddhism and Hinduism share the same religion, the Buddha, but there are different beliefs and practices.

In Buddhism, the “real” world is seen as a place where people can become Buddhas or monks, and there are no gods.

In Hinduism, the world is a spiritual realm and people are all Buddhas.

There are many differences between the two religions.

There is also a difference in what the word “hindu” means.

Both the Buddha and the Buddha-like teachings are based on Hinduism’s “four foundations”: the four basic principles of Buddhism, which are happiness, tranquillity, concentration, and insight.

Hinduism also teaches a few other things, like the importance of a mother’s love and forgiveness.

In addition to Buddhism and the Hindu tradition, there are many religions that are influenced by other religions.

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all believed to have influenced Buddhism.

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