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How to avoid the ‘bad karma’ of Hinduism

India’s biggest religious group is now fighting back against a campaign to label its ideology as anti-Hindu.

Hinduism is the world’s largest Hindu sect, and its main message is a call for peace and justice.

But as the group’s members have seen more attacks against its faith, it has begun to fight back.

The group has issued a statement in response to the latest spate of attacks against the Hindu religion, and says it has been “the victim of the evil intent of the malicious and violent” campaign of the right-wing Hindu nationalist group, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

“It is unfortunate that Hinduism is being targeted in this way.

It is an attempt to divide us,” a spokesman said in the statement.”

We have been the victim of this malicious and malicious act, and we feel it is a serious injustice and a serious assault on our faith.”

The statement comes after the Rashtra Samithi Samiti, the Hindu nationalist organisation, called on its followers to “prevent” the Hindu-majority nation from seeing any further violence against the faith.

The statement, posted on its website on Sunday, said Hinduism should not be “confronted by the evil intentions of the hostile elements”.

“Hinduists should instead seek a peaceful path of peaceful development and tolerance and seek peace and harmony,” it said.

India has been rocked by a series of violent attacks against minority communities in recent years, with the deaths of more than 60 people and the kidnapping of hundreds of Hindu women.

Hindus, who make up less than 10 per cent of India’s population, have long faced discrimination and discrimination in a country where nearly 90 per cent is Muslim.

Many Hindus live in the north of the country, where many live on small landholdings and are often poor and live in poverty.

But Hindu nationalism has grown in India since independence in 1947 and is now the dominant political ideology, with more than two million members of its Hindu community in a population of about 4 million.

Hathasva Kalyan, an activist with the Hindu Mahasabha, an organisation that works to promote Hinduism in India, said the violence against Hindus was an attempt by the Hindu right to divide the country.

“If this is what happens, it is really very sad,” she said.

“Hindutva is a peaceful ideology that is a very good ideology.

It has been adopted by the people of India, but the attacks have been happening in the name of Hindu nationalism.

This is very sad.”

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