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When is Hinduism ‘Oldest’? According to an

published in the Indian Express newspaper, ancient Indian civilization was born in the 7th century BC. 

The article claims to have evidence of ancient India’s religion and culture dating back to the 8th century AD. 

According to the article, the “god of wisdom” Vishnu was the “master of the sacred language” Vedic Sanskrit. 

The article also claimed that the ancient Vedic religion was practiced in India by natives of various parts of the world. 

However, it has not been possible to authenticate the authenticity of the article. 

“The evidence does not seem to match up with the beliefs of the ancient Hindus,” Indian Institute of Science (IISc) director-general and former IIT Bombay head R. Ravi said in a statement. 

Vishnu was a divine being who was worshipped in many religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism, according to the Hindu mythology. 

As Hinduism has been largely destroyed by the Muslim invasion of India from about 7500 BCE to 700 CE, some historians say that it has become a relic of ancient times. 

In his study, “Ancient India: A Religions Perspective,” Kamal K. Gopal, an assistant professor of philosophy at the Indian Institute for Science (Isis) said the Hindu gods had been around for thousands of years. 

Gopal said the evidence that Vedic gods existed in India dates back to the 9th century. 

India has a long history of Hinduism and there is some evidence of it being practiced in ancient times, he said. 

Although Hinduism is the world’s largest religion, its followers believe in a variety of other religions. 

Buddhism is a sect of Buddhism that has been practiced in many parts of Asia. 

Jainism is also practiced in parts of India, and Hinduism was the main religion of the Ganga River Valley, Gopal said.

The IISc director said that while there is evidence of Vedic scriptures in India, there is no evidence of their existence in other ancient religions. 

 The IISC said in its statement that India is a rich cultural, historical, and linguistic landscape. 

There is evidence for a number of other ancient languages, including a large amount of Sanskrit and Tamil. 

Among the many other things it said, “The ancient Vedas are believed to be the earliest written language, dating back over 10,000 years.

India has been a cultural and religious center for over 200 years.

Its people have a long and rich tradition of religion, mythology, culture, and literature.”

The Indian Express article claims the ancient Hindu religion has been “transferred to modern times” in a move that could make it “the oldest religion in the world.” 

“It’s very unlikely that the earliest religious texts were written by people who lived in the distant past,” Gopal told Business Insider. 

While it is not clear what kind of evidence the ancient Sanskrit texts were found in, the article said the Sanskrit text was found in ancient Indian temples, and it was translated into English. 

Indian Express said it could not verify the authenticity or authenticity of that translation. 

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