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How to become a Hindu journalist

The Hindu has a problem: most of its stories are either too boring or too self-indulgent.

In some ways, its readership is shrinking as a result of that.

In India, the most popular medium for the Hindu to tell its stories is by way of a blog, but the blog is also where the Hindu sees the most traffic.

In the past few years, the blog has become increasingly popular, and in the process has become a major source of information for the community, which has a long history of promoting diversity and equality.

Today, the website is more than a place for Hindu activists to share their views and grievances; it’s also a venue for Hindu leaders to speak out against those who would exploit Hinduism.

This is the backdrop to our interview with a Hindu leader who has long been one of the most powerful voices in the Hindu community.

In our conversation, we talk about why the Hindu is increasingly a place of hate, how it has a lot to answer for, and what it means to be a Hindu in a globalized world.

This story was produced by The Hindu, an online news and opinion website, based in New Delhi.

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