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Why Indian Muslims are becoming less Hindu

On January 9, 2018, the day that Muslims celebrated Eid al-Fitr, the government of India announced that all Muslims would be allowed to celebrate the holiday.

A few days later, India’s Supreme Court ruled that this was unconstitutional, and the government appealed.

The high court is currently deliberating whether to uphold the decision, and it will take months to do so.

In this article, I will explain why this decision has had such a big impact on Hinduism, and why the government should respect the court’s ruling.

The history of Hinduism in India is one of multiple and conflicting interpretations of the Quran.

While some scholars hold that the Quran was revealed as a literal and historical document, others hold that it is not, and that the original text of the Koran is the most reliable and authoritative source of religious law.

In fact, some Islamic scholars have claimed that the Qur’an contains an actual version of the Bible.

This means that the first word in the Quran, which Muslims call “al-dur” (the book), actually has more than one word.

The word “al-” is the first letter of a word in a word list.

The first letter in “al-‘ is the “al” part of a compound word, so the first “al”- in the word “dur-” means “book,” and the second “al’- in the same word means “books.”

This means there are two “al”‘s in the words “dUR” and “dura.”

Muslims also call the “Al” in the first four verses of the Qur`an the “Book” and the “Dura” is the Arabic word for “truth,” and its Arabic name “alaya.”

The “D-” in the “d-word” means “the truth.”

The word, “d”- means “to be.”

Thus, if you were to say, “Al-dura,” the meaning of the word would be “to tell truth.”

If you were writing the “Praise be to Allah” verse, the meaning would be, “May Allah bless the one who does good.”

If the word, in Arabic, was translated as “book” it would mean, “To write truth.”

And if the word was translated in English as “to give truth,” the “word” would be translated as, “A book to be given truth.”

When we read the Quran today, we learn that the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, told his followers that the “books” are the “words of the Lord.”

But even after the Prophet said this, he continued to tell his followers, “There is one who says: ‘This is the truth, this is the only truth,’ and another one says: “This is but a book.’

And they ask: ‘What is that?’

The first one says, ‘This book is for the people.’

“The Quran says, “He who has faith in Allah and the Last Day will never be defeated.

“But it also says, “[We] say to you: Allah will not let you go astray.

“The Quran goes on to say: “Those who believe are the people who have no fear.

“It also says: “(You) have come down from the heavens and have not left the earth.

“It says, “…and the disbelievers are a people of war, and they fight among themselves in the land of the living and in the earth.

They disbelieve in Allah’s Messenger and in his messengers.

They fight in the cause of Allah and in His Apostle and in their messengers.

“And it says: “[The disbelievers] are the hypocrites.

“It continues: “And Allah loves those who are righteous, and He has sent down to His servant the Book.

“It goes on: “If you believe, you will be found (to be) righteous.

And if you do not believe, it will be your own fault.

But if you believe in Allah, there is no blame on you.

“In another verse, Allah says, The Quran is true for you, but it is for others who disbelieve.

He says, And if they believed and followed you, Allah would not send down to you a prophet, nor would He have anyone to send down a message except Allah.

So those who disbelieved would not have a Messenger but Allah sent down the Quran to them and they would never forget that they were disbelievers.

And Allah does not forget His slaves.

This is what Allah says: They said: We will not believe until Allah brings down a prophet.

Allah said: If you believe and follow me, then surely Allah will bring down a messenger.

And when Allah brought down a messengership, He sent down His messenger and He sent it to the people and He said: Allah is with those who believe and those who do good.

Allah says in another verse: They are the best of those

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