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When is a Hindu holy place? – NHL News

A holy place is a place where people gather, eat and have worship, but not necessarily from religious beliefs or beliefs of any particular religion.

However, if the location is important enough for people to gather there, it is considered holy.

There are some examples of holy places in the U.S., but the most popular of them are in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

A holy place that is important to the people, like a church, synagogue or temple, is considered a “tent”, or a place that needs a place of worship.

It is not the place where the person is praying, or for that matter where the prayer is being heard, but it is the place to pray.

If you are a worshipper of a religious god, such as a Hindu god or the Hindu god of love, you will want to worship at a place called a “sacred place”.

For instance, you could go to a Hindu temple or a church to pray for someone.

However, not all holy places are holy places, and some are not sacred at all.

Some places are simply places where the Hindu people gather and pray to their gods, but are not holy at all, such a place is called a pada.

The pada is a large building that is built of earth or stone, but is usually decorated with a cross and a number of other symbols.

In India, a person who is a worshiper of a deity can have a special status called a shakti or a “pada” in the Hindu culture.

When a person is a shukti, or a shiva, they are the most sacred people in the religion, so they are called the “priests of god”.

If you visit a paddy fields or a temple, it may be a blessing to visit the pada, but there are some restrictions that you need to know.

There are two main kinds of pads, a pad made of earth and stone, and a padi made of clay or sand.

A pada usually has a door, a roof and a place for food.

A Hindu person, for example, would have a dharma pada which is a house or house-like structure, usually with a roof.

In India, the dharma or religion is called “sankalpama”, or the holy religion.

If a person does not belong to the religion that they are a shikha, they will not be a shkha, or worship a god.

The shkhas are often people who were born into the religion and are not allowed to join it.

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