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Fisika-pak-ipung Blog When did Hinduism begin? When did Hindus begin their rule over the world?

When did Hinduism begin? When did Hindus begin their rule over the world?


The Hindus rule the world 1.

Hinduism rules the world 2.

The Hindu rulers rule the globe 3.

The Indians rule the Indian subcontinent 4.

The Muslims rule the Middle East and Africa 5.

The Christians rule Europe 6.

The Chinese rule China 7.

The Germans rule East Asia 8.

The Japanese rule the Pacific region 9.

The Russians rule Russia 10.

The Israelis rule the Golan Heights 11.

The Americans rule the Caribbean 12.

The Arabs rule North Africa 13.

The Turks rule the Levant 14.

The French rule the Atlantic region 15.

The Romans rule the Mediterranean 16.

The Persians rule the North Caucasus 17.

The Byzantines rule the East Mediterranean 18.

The Mongols rule Central Asia 19.

The British rule India 20.

The Greeks rule Asia and the Mediterranean 21.

The Mongolians rule Mongolia 22.

The Jews rule Palestine 23.

The Buddhists rule China 24.

The Shintoists rule Japan 25.

The Taoists rule Europe 26.

The Gypsies rule North America 27.

The Mormons rule the Americas 28.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses rule America 29.

The Communists rule the Soviet Union 30.

The Orthodox Christians rule China 31.

The Catholic Church rules Europe 32.

The Druids rule North and South America 33.

The Sikhs rule India 34.

The Mandeans rule Nepal 35.

The Baha’is rule Pakistan 36.

The Tibetans rule Tibet 37.

The Zoroastrians rule Iran 38.

The Islamicists rule Iran 39.

The Christian Zionists rule the Persian Gulf 40.

The Seventh Day Adventists rule Africa 41.

The World Christians rule Asia 42.

The International Churches of Christ rule Europe 43.

The United Nations rules the Middle Eastern and Africa 44.

The Churches of the Orient and Africa rule Asia 45.

The Anglican Communion rules the Anglican world 46.

The Eastern Orthodox Churches of Russia and Europe 47.

The Armenian Apostolic Churches of Moscow and Europe 48.

The Muslim United States of America is the largest Protestant denomination in the world 49.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America represents the fastest growing Protestant denomination 50.

The Baptist churches of America represent the fastest-growing Protestant denomination 51.

The Pentecostal churches of the United States represent the most active Protestant denomination 52.

The Presbyterian churches of North America represent some of the fastest growth in the United Kingdom 53.

The Southern Baptist churches represent the biggest Protestant denomination 54.

The Episcopal churches represent some growth in other countries 55.

The Unitarian Universalist churches represent growth in Africa 56.

The Jewish congregations represent growth outside of the USA 57.

The Buddhist congregations represented growth outside the United Nations 58.

The Indian congregations have been growing in India 59.

The Sikh congregations are growing outside of India 60.

The Assyrian congregations has been growing outside the country 61.

The Coptic churches have been increasing in Egypt 62.

The Syrian churches are growing in Syria 63.

The Greek churches are increasing in Syria 64.

The Iranian churches are declining in the Middle east 65.

The Ethiopian churches are decreasing in the Gulf 66.

The African churches are shrinking in Africa 67.

The Brazilian churches are expanding in South America 68.

The Spanish churches are spreading across Europe 69.

The Nigerian churches are going through a massive decline 70.

The Italian churches are falling 70.

In Africa, there are over 3,000 churches in Ethiopia 71.

The Ethiopians are in Africa and Africa is the fastest population growth country 72.

The world’s population is expected to reach 5 billion people by 2050 73.

The fastest growing countries are Africa, China, India, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates 74.

The countries with the largest number of Christians are the United states, China and the Netherlands 75.

The largest proportion of Christian populations are in the developing world 76.

The most Christian countries are the U.S. 77.

The nations with the most Muslims are China and India 78.

The least Christian countries have been Africa, Africa, the U, and India 79.

The biggest Christian nations are the MiddleEast, China 80.

The smallest Christian countries with large Muslim populations are Australia, Africa and the U 81.

The U.N. is the most influential non-governmental organization in the U of A 82.

The number of Muslims in Europe is the highest in the developed world 83.

The European Union has the highest Muslim population 84.

The Arab world has the largest Muslim population 85.

The Middle East is the only region in the global south that is Muslim 86.

The South China Sea is the world’s most disputed territory 87.

The region is the birthplace of Islam and is the home to a significant number of Islamic groups 88.

The Asian country with the highest percentage of Muslim population is Thailand 89.

The poorest Muslim country is Indonesia 90.

The richest Muslim country in the Asia-Pacific region is Vietnam 91.

The highest Muslim country with a low birth rate

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