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‘Hinduism: the religion of the world’: New York magazine

“When we were young, the most important thing was that you’re a good person,” Deva told me.

“I was the same way.

My mother had two sons.

One was a boy, and the other was a girl.

She always wanted me to be her son.”

She said her mother had been praying for Deva when he was born.

“She wanted to have a child like him, a beautiful boy,” Devas mother, Gita, told me recently.

“But her prayers were not answered.”

Devas parents have four children and a grandchild, and they are Hindu, and Deva is a follower of Hinduism.

His religion is called Hinduism, and his parents believe in the existence of a God named Vishnu.

But he says his religion is not as important as other religions, like Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam.

Devas father is a devout Hindu, which is why he often talks about his religion as a “good” religion.

“My parents believe it’s a good religion, but I don’t think I’m any good,” Devastat said.

Devastar was born in New Delhi and grew up in a small village in India’s northern state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Deva’s mother, a former journalist who went by the name Rupa, and her family fled their home in the northeastern state of Mizoram during a riot in the 1990s.

The rioters killed seven people, and many more were injured, leaving nearly half of the village homeless.

The Jammu-Kashmir conflict, and tensions between the Jammu region and the Kashmir region of India, was one of the most violent in recent history.

The riots, which lasted for years, left many displaced people and displaced hundreds of thousands of people.

Devavas family settled in the region’s capital, Srinagar, and soon devolved into a Hindu majority, but Deva never really felt a connection to his community.

“It wasn’t like I was part of it, but at the same time, I didn’t feel like it was part,” Devaras father, Nandini, told CNN.

Devarams mother and brothers had been killed by the rioters, and Nandinis sister, Satya, was also killed.

“We were all very close,” Devavs mother, Rupi, said.

“Rupi and I had been together since we were five years old.”

Devastam says he was the last of his family to be killed, when his sister, Nana, was shot in the head.

“At that moment, we all knew that we were the only survivors,” Devanam said.

He says that while he never knew why his sister was shot, he did not want to be part of the violence.

“Even if it was my sister, I would have wanted to protect her.

I felt that she would never be killed,” Devakas mother said.

And she says Devanams actions helped her.

“After Satya was killed, my brother was so sad,” she said.

But Devanamas actions also helped Devastavs sister.

“As soon as she got out of the hospital, she went to her mother and said, ‘I need to get out of here,'” Devas brother, Devastra, told us.

“He was very scared, but he had to do it.”

When his mother went to the hospital for treatment, she found Devanames sister, who had been shot in her stomach, on the floor.

Devaname’s sister, Rachana, rushed to the room to comfort her.

But soon Devanami was dead.

The incident shocked Devasta and Nana and they were both angry.

“The next day, when we heard about her death, we were shocked,” Devalas father said.

They decided to leave the village.

Devans family was soon driven out of J&K, and he says he never felt the same connection to the region again.

“There were no Hindu families, and I felt isolated, and nobody cared about me,” Devasmav said.

His parents, Ravindra and Devashika, settled in Hyderabad, India’s third-largest city, and their religion is Hinduism—which means a god who is not just physically but spiritually, as well.

They are known for being staunch Hindus, and Ravi says he believes that religion was the only reason why Devastas parents chose to leave India.

“They had left the village and left their religion behind,” Ravini said.

In the end, Devas family was allowed to leave, and moved to a small town called Bhopal, in Maharashtra state.

Devs family was a large family, but it was the family of Devas grandfather, Rama.

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