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Why Hindus should embrace Jesus as God

Hindus have embraced Jesus as their god, according to an article published in The Hindu.

The article, written by author Akshay Khemka, who was born in the town of Vyapam, has become a bestseller on Facebook and is being widely shared across social media.

The author writes that there are many different types of Hindus who worship the same deity and the most important thing is to realize that there is no one god.

He says, “In the world, people think that all religions are equal and that the followers of each religion have equal rights.”

But the truth is that the beliefs of each group is different.

Hinduism is a spiritual and mystical religion and not a political one.

While Christianity and Islam are political religions, Hinduism has no religion.

Khemka has said he wants people to worship Jesus as the incarnation of Vishnu, which is believed to be the highest deity.

The article states, “Vishnu is the highest and most perfect of all the divine beings and his existence is inseparable from his devotees.”

Khemkas book, The Hindu: Hinduism and the Modern World, is being shared on Facebook with thousands of shares.

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