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Fisika-pak-ipung About Us Hinduism in the United States is the most popular religion in the US

Hinduism in the United States is the most popular religion in the US

I came to the US with my parents and my father.

And for most of my life I’ve been a follower of Hinduism.

The way that we have our lives is a reflection of our faith.

In fact, our family history and religion have a very deep link to the American Hindu experience.

In many ways, we’ve lived in parallel worlds for a very long time.

In other words, it’s like two very different societies.

I grew up in the West, in California, where my parents still live.

My father is a professor at the University of California at Berkeley.

He teaches in the anthropology department.

And we have a family that we grew up with and we’ve been very close to my mother for almost 40 years.

She is a doctor and she’s the one who started my family.

And she has been an American Indian herself, and she is one of the most successful Indian doctors in the country.

I have a great deal of respect for her, and I also love my mother and my grandmother and my great-grandmother, and they were very influential in shaping my life.

They were also the people who brought me up.

So they were really important to me growing up.

My mother was a really amazing mother, and my grandparents were great American Indians.

My grandparents are the best-known people in my life, so I have an incredible memory of them.

I think they’re the best example of what it means to be American Indian in America.

So we’ve always been very closely related.

We’re very close.

And in fact, my father is very proud of the fact that he was born in California.

My mom is proud of being American Indian, and we have an amazing connection to the Indian community.

And I’ve always loved America, because it’s a great country to be an American.

And the way that my family has always lived and raised me and raised my sister and my husband is really important.

It’s the way they have lived and worked and raised us and taught us how to raise our family.

So I think that I have the best of both worlds.

My sister, she’s a lawyer, and her husband is an attorney, and that’s how I’ve lived my whole life.

And so it’s really important that I live in a way that reflects the two worlds that I’ve grown up in, and so I’m a big believer in the idea that I can come from both sides.

The most important thing I would like to share with people is the fact, that our relationship is very much rooted in my mother’s generation, and it’s not that different from the way my family was raised.

It was just that it was different.

I had the privilege of being raised by an American Hindu father, who was an Indian doctor and my grandfather was a lawyer.

So that has helped me so much.

It has been very important to see how people of all cultures, ethnicities, and creeds relate to each other.

And that has been really important for me to be able to see and feel the bond between Hindus and Americans.

So for example, in India, the term ‘Hindu’ is used for all religions except Buddhism.

And Buddhism, for example is called ‘Jainism’ and Hinduism is called Jainism.

So you can say that I am an Indian, or you can call me a Hindu.

And this has been important for people to understand that.

And then you also have the concept of ‘Maharishi tradition’ or ‘Dharmic tradition’.

And they’re very different and there are some similarities and differences.

But it’s very important for everybody to be aware of this fact that I’m an American, and the American Indian experience has a very important link to our culture.

And my mom was born and raised in India.

She grew up and raised a family with a very close relationship to Indian culture, which is why she has such a wonderful connection to my parents.

And her experience has been so important in shaping me.

And to be the son of an American Muslim family is a very special experience for me, because I have my roots there.

My family is very close, and then I was brought up in this very, very American Muslim environment.

And it’s important to be cognizant of the history of that.

My parents were born in New York City.

They are very proud to be Indian American, but they also are very religious.

So it’s been very good for me.

I’ve learned a lot about America and how the American tradition is really very important, and in particular it’s the connection to our Indian heritage that really has been a part of my family’s culture.

So in my experience, my mother has had a tremendous impact on my life and on my family, and what I’m doing today.

And as I move on from this experience, I’m also very grateful to my grandfather who is a scientist.

He’s the only one in

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