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Fisika-pak-ipung Blog Hinduism leader: ‘Hinduism is not a caste system’

Hinduism leader: ‘Hinduism is not a caste system’

In a tweet on Monday, Hinduism’s leader, Sangh Parivar’s RSS ideologue and founder, RSS Mohan Bhagwat, slammed the “dishonest media” for calling him a Hinduist and criticised “hypocritical media”.

“Hindu is not caste system, it is not ‘Brahminism’, and it does not have any caste system,” Bhagat said.

“It is the Hinduism, which has always existed and continues to exist as the religion of the entire world.”

He added that “hindus should not be afraid of the ‘new’ Hinduism” and that the “Hindu movement is not just for Muslims or Christians, but also for anyone.”

The tweet was accompanied by an image of a “Hindus first” poster and a photo of Bhagawat standing in front of a Shiva statue.

He also referred to the slogan of the RSS leader, who is the founder of the organisation, that Hinduism is “not a caste”.

He also attacked “those who would try to mislead people about our religion”.

“This is what the media, in an attempt to tarnish our image, does.

They are trying to paint our religion as a caste-based religion,” he said.

In March, Bhagwati wrote on Facebook that Hindus are not “a caste” and accused media outlets of “deliberately misquoting” him.

“There are so many dishonest journalists, who will not allow us to explain the Hindu religion in an honest way.

They do not even try to understand our religion in the way it is supposed to be explained.

It is a very complex religion and we are trying our best to explain it to them,” he wrote.”

We have to keep the truth about Hinduism in our minds and the media cannot lie to us,” he added.

In a tweet last month, Bhaktary, who was recently named as one of the leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), wrote that Hindus were not a “caste” and did not need “a hierarchy”.

“We are a Hindu nation, it’s not caste based.

We are a nation of all religions and we do not need a hierarchy.

We do not belong to any caste, creed, colour or creed of man or woman,” he tweeted.

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