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When Is Yoga For You? – Part I – Yoga for Women

A new study suggests that yoga may help boost your health and wellbeing.

The new study, led by Dr Shree Kishore from the University of Sydney, looked at the benefits of yoga for women and found it could be beneficial for improving health and quality of life.

“There are many benefits associated with yoga including weight loss, a lower risk of chronic conditions like heart disease, type 2 diabetes and depression, and an increased level of self-confidence,” Dr Kishor told the ABC.

“But as we know from the US, the benefits are not limited to yoga, there is evidence that yoga can help with the symptoms of anxiety, depression, pain and more.”

Dr Kishori and her colleagues surveyed over 2,000 Australian women aged 18 to 50 and found that women were more likely to recommend yoga than men.

The study found that men were more willing to spend money on yoga equipment, which was found to be more beneficial to women.

“Men were more aware of the benefits that yoga has on their health, particularly physical well-being, and that they were more interested in getting it,” Dr Shori said.

“Women, however, were less willing to pay for yoga equipment.”

Dr Shori has conducted a number of studies into the benefits and health benefits of exercise in the past, and the results are mixed.

In a study she did for the National Institute of Health in Australia, she found that yoga could help with weight loss and boost mood.

“A study that followed women for eight months found that after eight months of yoga, the number of calories lost in the body was about three per cent, but the number lost in body fat was about eight per cent,” she said.

It’s a finding that the Australian women’s health charity, the Yoga Alliance, welcomed.

“Yoga is a great way to lose weight and it can improve the mood and overall health of people,” they said.

But Dr Kshori said that the benefits were not limited only to yoga.

“It is also good for mood,” she told the Nine Network.

“People are able to do more exercise and have better sleep and feel better overall.

It is very, very good for people’s wellbeing.”

Dr Thandi Rani, the director of the Centre for Health Research and Policy, told the programme the yoga trend is changing.

“I think the trend towards yoga is changing, because it’s a great form of exercise,” she explained.

“When people are walking around the house, or even going to work, they are spending more time doing yoga than they are walking.”

And that’s a big reason why we see such high rates of obesity in Australia.

“The study also found that the women who are most likely to have problems with anxiety are those who are not exercising.”

The reason why yoga has such a big impact on the quality of your life is because it helps you reduce anxiety,” Dr Rani said.

Dr Shuri says the yoga industry has been able to develop a more inclusive image and focus on health, wellbeing and happiness for women.

In her study, the researchers found that those who felt comfortable with yoga were more inclined to participate.”

We think that is because yoga is a way to relax, it’s an exercise where you’re relaxing, it makes you feel good and it’s very empowering,” Dr Srivastava said.

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