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Fisika-pak-ipung Contact ‘We are Hindu’: Devi Hinduism’s rise to prominence

‘We are Hindu’: Devi Hinduism’s rise to prominence

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‘We have to live according to our Vedas and do our best to be a good follower of our own religion’ – This is one of the main reasons Devi Hindus are known as the most peaceful religion.


‘Buddhism is not the religion of violence; it is our religion’ – Devi Hadiya is one such Hindu.


‘It is our right to practice our religion as we choose’ – DeviHadiya, the founder of the sect, emphasises that he is not a Muslim.4.

‘Hinduism is an Indian religion; it belongs to India’ – Another Devi who is famous for his devotion to the Vedas, Bhagavati Devi, is another Devi.5.

‘If we have the will to do good, we will find some way to achieve our goal’ – Bhagvath, the leader of Devi-Hadiyah, has said.6.

‘The reason why we are so peaceful is because our religion is based on love and compassion for all living beings.

There is no compulsion in it.’

– Devidhara, a founder of Devianet, the sect’s main organisation, said.7.

‘I want to say that I am not against people of different faiths and religions; I am only against those who choose to follow one religion over another.

I am against the violence and hatred of people of any faith and religion.’

– Rajesh Kumar, the head of Devinet, a Hindu nationalist organisation, has also stressed this.8.

‘In our sect, we do not impose our religion on anyone; we are just practicing our religion for the sake of our lives.

The way we live our lives and our lives as a group has to be based on the Vedanta’.

– Devichandra, a leader of the Devi community, has been known to emphasise this point.9.

‘Even if people have different religions, we must not abandon our religion or be against it, for we are Hindu’ – Bedi, another Devicharatra, is an example of someone who has been against violence in the past.10.

‘One of the most beautiful and profound teachings in the Vedic literature is called ‘Devi Bhakti’.

It says that we should live according

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