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A History of the Hinduism of India: From its origins to the rise of modern India

The Hinduism of ancient India was an austere religion based on the Vedas, which had been lost to the early Muslims and later, the Christian missionaries who conquered India in the 16th century.

The Hindus believed that their ancestors had descended from a group of gods called Aryans.

They worshipped the deity Ganesha, who was known as Lord of Bliss, and lived on the river Ganges, and other sacred rivers and streams in India.

They believed that if they could bring down the darkness that surrounded them, the evil spirits would be appeased.

Hinduism is a world religion, but it’s a religion of many faiths and philosophies, including Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and many others.

It was also a religion that existed in multiple different forms in different parts of the world.

It is not clear which part of India it came from.

There are a number of theories about what exactly happened to the people of ancient times, but the most common is that the Vedic religion was wiped out by the Muslims.

In the first century CE, there were about 1.3 million Hindus in India, about a quarter of the total population.

Today, there are about 5 million Hindus living in India with a total population of about one billion people.

One of the reasons the religion survived, was that there was a group called the Aryans, who believed that they were the same as the gods of the Veda.

They were a race of people who had lived for a very long time in India and had been worshipped as gods.

But by the 12th century, the Aryan caste was replaced by the Brahmin caste, and the Aryas were driven out.

The Hindus were eventually driven from their lands, but they did not go quietly.

They did not die out completely.

They kept their traditions alive.

They brought them back to their ancestral lands.

In the 12 centuries after the arrival of the Aryana conquerors, there was another wave of violence.

The Hindu community was driven out of the land and they were hunted down by the Muslim invaders who killed many Hindus.

There were two groups of people that survived the Muslim conquest.

They lived in villages.

They survived by keeping their traditions and practices alive.

This is what the historian J.M. Coetzee calls the Hindu story.

The other group, the Muslims, lived in cities.

They moved into these cities, and there they did what they had done in the past, and they killed many Hindu families.

They hunted down all the families, and then they killed all the people that were living in the villages, and also their women, children, and slaves.

These were the victims of the Muslims who were in charge of these cities.

This was how the Hindus survived.

And this is the story of how the religion of India was brought back to India.

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