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Which Hinduism Monotheism Is True?

Hinduism is the third major monotheist religion, after Islam and Christianity.

It was founded by Mahavira, the founder of Hinduism, in the 5th century AD.

It is considered the most advanced religion of the world.

The first and most revered god in Hinduism was Vishnu, who was born in India.

The other two major gods are Shiva and Vishnu.

Hinduism also has other gods like Vishnu and Ganesha.

There are many other deities and gods of various denominations.

The religion also has an oral tradition and is thought to have been founded in India by people living in the Indus Valley, about 2,000 years ago.

It came to be practiced in India in the 14th century.

A temple dedicated to the gods was built in Kanchi, near Kolkata, in 1889.

Around the same time, Hinduism started to spread in other parts of India.

It has spread to other parts and now has about 300 million followers worldwide.

The word ‘Hindu’ is derived from the word ‘buddha’, meaning the creator of life.

The god Shiva is worshipped in Hindu temples in several countries.

The country has a rich tradition of festivals dedicated to various gods.

Hindu holidays are also celebrated.

There is also a major celebration of Lord Shiva called Purushottama.

In some Hindu traditions, the birth of a new god is also celebrated and worshiped.

There have been numerous rituals associated with the worship of the gods.

Some are celebrated on the anniversary of the birth or death of the god.

The rituals are performed at different times of the year, and they include eating, dancing, singing, reading, praying and eating food.

A Hindu person’s birthday is celebrated on February 8th, and the festival of the Purushattam (birthday of the Supreme Lord) is celebrated the following day.

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