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Why you should be worried about the future of Hinduism, religion

The religion that’s been the focus of much debate in India has recently come under the spotlight with many Hindus accusing the country’s Hindu establishment of attempting to rewrite history in order to make a new Hindu holy city for itself.

The religion is also being used to justify the brutal persecution of Hindus in India, a country that is the third largest in terms of population but has a population of only 10.5 million.

But for many Hindus, the new holy city will also be a time of reckoning.

The new holy site will be called Sivanagara and will be the first of several temples built for the religion’s god Vishnu.

According to a report from the Associated Press, Sivanagar will be a large, two-story temple that will house temples, schools and offices for religious purposes.

According the AP, construction on the new temple will begin within two years and will eventually be completed by 2022.

The site, which is currently a busy tourist attraction, will also house temples that are currently undergoing renovations, according to AP.

The AP reported that officials at the Hindu temple said that they plan to construct an additional temple for a different deity to accommodate the influx of visitors.

“We are already preparing for the next temple that we plan to build.

This will be an important moment in the development of Sivanagars holy city,” said Anil Kumar, president of the Hindu Samajyoti Samiti, who is the chief minister of Rajasthan.

The Hindu temple will also include a “sarcophagus” for visitors to visit, a stone wall that will allow them to observe religious rituals without disturbing the environment.

The temple will feature a pavilion and a “temple wall” that will separate the two buildings.

The “wall” will also allow the pilgrims to pray in a “natural setting,” according to The Hindu.

Construction on the temple will be completed within two to three years and be finished by 2022, officials told the AP.

The new temple is expected to be the largest of its kind in India and will also contain several other temples.

According a report in The Hindu, construction of the new religious temple is planned to begin within one year and will end in 2022.

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