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How to build a Hindu identity

The Hindu community is increasingly adopting a pluralist, multicultural outlook.

For example, the community’s largest organisation, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), has developed an online portal,, which allows for members to post their beliefs on a daily basis.

In India, the VHP has been involved in numerous projects to combat the phenomenon of religious extremism, which has grown exponentially since 2008.

These include the campaign for secularism in India in 2017 and the promotion of women in Indian politics.

Hinduism’s diversity is one of its defining characteristics.

“The diversity of the Hindu religion is a blessing in disguise, because it allows Hindus to embrace the diversity of life, culture, and ideas that they have,” said Shri S. K. Dutta, professor of sociology at the Delhi University and a member of the advisory panel on religion and the media.

The community is also expanding its influence in the media, including by investing in journalism.

The VHP was a pioneer in investing in newsrooms and websites, and has also developed its own online portal.

“Hinduism for All is not just about the RSS, it is also about the VSP, VHP, and the RSS,” said Suresh Sengupta, a journalist and member of India’s leading online news portal, the NewsNow.

“We are building a media that is truly inclusive of all the religions in India.”

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